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Entertainment industry

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Entertainment industry

You have almost certainly seen our garments in action, most likely without even realizing it. Whether you are visiting a theme park or in the theater watching Hollywood’s latest blockbuster hit, JFF is quite possibly there helping set the scene.

As you and your family walk around any number of major amusement parks in the US (and international!), you may barely even notice that each ride has their own set of costumes, every restaurant and concession store has a different look. Those characters and princesses that make your child squeal with delight? It takes a lot of expertise to make them look like they fit exactly in with the overall experience, and we’ve been doing it for decades. Specialty buttons and patches, unique fabrics and treatments, these are all skills that we have honed over many years working with these types of attractions.

JFF has also been involved in the movie/television industry for decades, beginning with our first major film customer Hunt for Red October. We can’t list all of the movies and television shows we’ve worked on since then due to confidentiality agreements, but suffice it to say that we’ve made costumes for anything from 1800 sailors (e.g. Master and Commander) and slaves (e.g. Django Unchained) to futuristic superheros (no examples provided so you’ll have to use your imagination). Green screen and motion capture suits, police and military from every country and timeperiod imagineable, TSA agents, or even a futuristic sci-fi action film, we have helped build worlds that could never exist except on the movie and television screen.