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About Us

About Our Company

How We Started

JFF Uniforms started making clothing in 1976. Founded on a $200 budget, the company truly was “Just For Fun.” Since then, JFF has become a multi-million dollar company providing garments to a number of top name clients.

As a testament to our flexibility, we provide uniforms and costumes across several different industries. From casinos to restaurant chains to amusement parks to movies, we’ve developed a reputation for quality, affordability, and timeliness of delivery. While some uniform vendors promise the world initially, their service disappears once you’re tied into a contract with them.

At JFF, we never ask for a long-term contract. Instead, we trust that our service levels and low prices will keep you coming back to us.

We have an in-house design team and a 10,000 sq foot full production factory. This allows us to work closely and integrate all steps: design, initial sample, fit line, and full scale production.

Jff Uniform

Life full of creativity


Custom apparel to match your colors and theme


Factory-direct pricing, so you don’t pay for a middleman


A full design and manufacturing facility ensures high quality standards

Our goal

We are here to solve your problem and delivery your needs

Custom Designs:

We can create a unique concept from just about anything you can provide us: storyboard, sketches, or even just a swatch of wallpaper and a vague concept. We’ll continue to refine the concept until you’re happy with the look, the fit, and the wearability.

Stock Programs:

We maintain an inventory of some of our stock designs. When you order, your order will usually be shipped within 48 hours, often the same day as the order. In addition, we stock custom garments for some customers, allowing for unsurpassed ease of ordering. Because we stock it and can provide near-instantaneous shipping, you no longer need to maintain a huge stock yourself.