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Because we manufacture the majority of our products, we offer a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. The range of fabric types is too long to list, but here are a few examples:


Shirting fabrics
  • Vision fabric: 100% poly but soft and feels like silk, anti-microbial and moisture-wicking. Your employees will love the comfort, and you’ll love how well it wears year after year. 25+ colors
  • Microfiber fabric: Available in both a smooth “peachskin” version and a textured version (looks like linen), 100% polyester has been a staple in the uniform industry for more than 15 years. Available in 40+ color options
  • Stripe options: We have pinstripes, wider stripes, and can also do a custom stripe with low minimums, all in a variety of color options.
  • We also offer cotton/poly fabric options as well, from a lightweight broadcloth to a heavier fabric suitable for valet or housekeeping.


Cocktail fabrics
  • Scuba fabric: This double-knit fabric is a mid-weight polyester fabric with a small amount of spandex. Don’t be fooled by the name, this is not for ocean diving, it’s used extensively in the fashion and uniform industries. Extremely durable, it has just the right combination of weight and stretch for a cocktail bustier, bolero, or skirt. We have used it for more than a decade and our customers love it! Available in 25+ colors
  • Other fabrics: We use a variety of shimmer, mesh, burnout, and other fabrics to give the garments a sophisticated look, while we also are constantly considering how they will wear in a uniform environment
  • Satins: We carry satins in a basic polyester, charmeuse, crepe-back, and more, each in 20-40 different color options
  • Cleaning requirements: We take into consideration how you will be cleaning your garments when we recommend a specific fabric. For example, if your employees will be home-laundering the garments, we then will steer away from dry clean only fabrics.


Brocade fabrics
  • We offer a variety of stock and custom brocade fabrics, available in nearly any color option you can imagine.
  • Logo brocades: We can design a fabric that incorporates your logo or elements of your facility as a form of subtle branding. Our design team can offer a variety of different looks for you to choose from, ranging from barely noticeable to clearly branded
  • Other patterns: We offer hundreds of different patterns (and can design new ones), whether you’re looking for paisley, floral, diamond pattern, geometric, or tons of other pattern types. Some are stock and can be purchased in smaller quantities, or we can make to order in whatever color, size, and pattern you like.