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Presenting new and bold fashions Presenting new and bold fashions
The new look of fashion
  JFF Uniforms specializes in custom uniforms and costumes for the casino, restaurant, and entertainment industries. Whether you're looking for cocktail waitress uniforms or dealer shirts and dealer uniforms, aprons or vintage military uniforms, JFF has done it.

JFF is celebrating over 35 years as a custom garment manufacturer! We use our own production factory, which allows us to keep costs low and quality high. With an in-house design staff, we are able to create a concept that will match the look and feel of your establishment. We are able to reproduce an existing look (to improve the fit and lower the price) or develop a new look unique to you!

For casino uniforms, our garments can be found in some of the finest casinos across the country and the world. We do dealer shirts, cocktail uniforms, housekeeping smocks, valet shirts, hardcount suits, and much more. For our restaurant customers, we supply camp shirts, button down collared shirts, pants, and aprons in every size, length and color imaginable. And our movie customers constantly challenge us with new requests: vintage military, science fiction, period dresses, vintage athletic uniforms, the list goes on.
Presenting new and bold fashions