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Casino: Cocktail Uniforms

Your cocktail servers set the tone for your entire casino. The glitz and glamour of your casino will be directly reflected by your servers, so getting the right look is key. Some casinos will want a highly provocative look, while others want a more conservative appearance. In over 32 years of making clothing, JFF has made them all. We've provided cocktail to Fortune 500 casinos as well as small neighborhood ones, from restaurant hostesses to gentlemen's clubs and cabarets.

JFF maintains our own in-house award-winning design team. We can provide any of the styles shown here or design a custom look specifically for you. We maintain an enormous inventory of different fabric types, colors, and textures. Being based in southern California, we also have easy access to the Los Angeles garment district's wholesale fabric market.

As a full-service manufacturer, we can construct your garments in virtually any color, modify an existing style, or create a design from scratch. If you have an existing style already, we can also duplicate it and often offer suggestions on small modifications to improve the fit. With JFF, you're not buying from a middleman, we are the manufacturer so our prices are also extremely competitive.

A frequent complaint in the custom uniform business these days is how long it takes from order date to actually receive goods. We've heard from customers who have been waiting anywhere from 3 months to over 18 months! The vast majority of our orders are delivered within 6 to 8 weeks from order date. This can take longer if we're making a custom fabric for you, but we'll always make that clear upfront and set your expectations. Even better, we pride ourselves on meeting and beating those expectations! As an illustration, we recently developed custom styles for all front-of-the-house employees for a large casino. We shipped over 3,000 garments across 19 vocations in 9 weeks, all fully embroidered.

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