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Aprons are ideally one of those things that few customers ever think about. However, it is a key part of your overall look and must be both functional and appropriate. As a result, we offer a wide variety of aprons as stock items, plus we manufacture an even wider variety as custom goods. With our stock designs, you can pick and choose your features: reversible, pocket size and depth (e.g. to ensure your order book fits), tie length, etc.

Style T980
T980     Stock Item
Waist Apron
Style T975
T975     Stock Item
V-Neck Apron
Style T976
T976     Stock Item
Full Bib Apron
Style T977
T977     Stock Item
Half Bistro Apron
Style T978
T978     Stock Item
Bar Apron
Style T979
T979     Stock Item
Two Pocket Cobbler Apron